Treading Water. Have you ever wandered how this actually became an expression? I mean, was there a time when large numbers of people spent time in the water not swimming or going anywhere, just bobbing about awkwardly and well, treading water?

I only ask as, during a recent meeting, both Andy and I expressed our frustrations with the  limbo-like state at the current situation that faces our charity (and many other charities and business out there) with regards to fundraising and events by referring to it as constantly treading water. I don’t think that anyone quite expected 2020 to pan out as it has and nor does it look like much will change in the near future but we are embracing the new guidelines and adapting our way of thinking.

Anyway, after venting our frustrations we did what we do best which was to make a big cuppa (a superbly British custom which have whole-heartedly and lovingly embraced), pull our note books closer and begin to plan a Christmas fair. ‘Tis is, after all the season to be jolly and we plan to be fully prepared for some much needed joy in this world!