Raising awareness

Making Myocarditis a household name and helping the public, general medical practitioners, A and E centres and medical personal to know and understand what to look out for is a key step in identifying, diagnosing, and treating myocarditis. Increased awareness of myocarditis helps us engage with more both the public and corporate arenas to improve our funding and our reach.


Identifying myocarditis

Dealing with Symptoms

One of the most common symptoms of myocarditis is fatigue and we often get asked what assistance is available for patients with myocarditis in the form of disability allowance or charitable assistance. Whilst we do not have the capacity to assist in this, the following link may be of use:

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To realise the importance of screening in young athletes and to petition their sport clubs to offer heart screening at semi and professional level for all their athletes. CRY offer heart screening from the age of 14 – 35 that can pick up on possible different heart ailments however, the cost for screening 100 young people is £5000. Whilst this form of testing will not diagnose myocarditis reliably, it will alert to a possible heart condition that could, if left untreated, result in myocarditis and prevent a fatal outcome.

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To help patients with myocarditis and those caring for a loved one with myocarditis to realise and understand that being diagnosed with a rare heart condition causes high stress, similar to that of PTSD. We recognise the need to offer people a place to share their feelings in our free Facebook Support group but do not currently have the funding to add the services of a dedicated mental healthcare professional.


Identifying myocarditis

By being aware of myocarditis and the symptoms, members of the public are better informed to monitor their own health and ask the correct questions of their GP if they are concerned.

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As part of our ongoing commitment to raising awareness for myocarditis amongst medical professionals, we will be hosting a series of small in house training webinars as well as hosting a national webinar with the Royal Society of Medicine.


Myocarditis is a rare heart condition with symptoms that mimic other conditions making it difficult for many GP’s to identify the possible need for further testing/ referral. We hope to, in the future, make a “red flag” system available on NHS digital to help GP’s recognise when symptoms need further investigation and may be indicators of myocarditis.
Until then, we have compiled some useful information that may help in diagnosis.

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Once a patient has been diagnosed with myocarditis, there is currently no information available with the NHS that they can offer patients. We have created an information leaflet to explain myocarditis in generic terms and we hope to have this approved and rolled out by NHS England very shortly.

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