… And walking is what they did! Andy Jansons and Paul Nash spent three days walking nearly all of Hadrians Wall. The aim of this exercise was to raise awareness for myocarditis alongside some funds for on going research projects.

Starting on  Saturday 29 July these two intrepid explorers set off from Heddon-on-the Wall to Chollerford covering 15 mies of stunning scenery and meeting a few friendly faced tourists along the way. Unfortunately, despite starting the day with a rainbow, Sunday 30 July was a rather gusty and damp day but they still managed to cover a respectable 12 miles along the wall from Chollorford to Hexam to as well as a photo of the iconic Sycamore tree. Joined by Colin Smith and his son on Sunday, the four forged bravely on through some very wet (and surprisingly cold for July)weather conditions on Sunday 31 August covering a further 8 miles from Chollerford to Gilsland.

There was plenty of interaction with the locals with many people wanting to know why two smiling gents in Action For Alex T-shirts were taking a stroll along the wall…and thats just what they did: smile all the way through a tough challenge! It’s one thing to say you’re up for a challenge but quite a different thing to put your best foot forward and do it in good humour so we can honestly say that everyone here is super proud of Andy and Paul!

Now we just have to decide what happening next year…