Jansons Property, a local Beaconsfield Property developing agency, has pledged to help our charity reach the £1million target for 2023. Jansons Property, owned by Andy Jansons, has always had close ties to our charity but to make a pledge like this possible it will need the time and dedication of the rest of the team.

It is unusual to find a business team where everyone is genuinely supportive of the personal goals of the leadership team but at Jansons Property, it is exactly that which has been achieved. All of those who work at Jansons Property understand the nature of the work that AJMUK has pledged to do and their support and genuine interest in the charity is always heart warming. We and the research team at Royal Brompton and Harefields Hospital are always grateful for their support and help and wish them all a very big, heartfelt, thank you.