“I just don’t know what to do!”

“Do we sign the vaccination consent form or not?”

“Should we wait before getting our kids immunised?”

“Why are people not just getting their children vaccinated? We have all had it and its fine!”

Any of this sound familiar? There are discussions taking place all over the UK in coffee shops, outside the school gates and over messaging group chats. Sometimes these chats are heated, sometimes filled with despair and anxiety, sometimes positive and sometimes angry. Thats because we all react to the unknown in different ways – and it’s ok.

Those of us with children who are in the midst of the new vaccination roll out plan  all want to know the best way to move forward and what is best for our children. Those of us without children of our own very possibly have children in our lives  that we love and whom are affected by this ongoing debate and we want what’s best for them. There is a lot of global media attention focused on this right now and we want to support you as best we can. The way that we can do this is to offer you information that we believe to be accurate, reliable and trustworthy. We may not get all the relevant articles out there but we are doing our best to get unbiased and informative information across to you so that each person can make the best decision for them.

We may not all agree on the best course of action. We may not even agree with the viewpoint of an oldest and dearest friend, partner or spouse. But we can agree to be respectful of each persons opinion and the direction in which they choose to move forward.