Our aim has always been to raise Awareness for Myocarditis but to us, awareness is two-fold.

We want the public to be aware of what myocarditis is, how to recognise symptoms and how to get information and be supported. The other side of creating awareness has been a bit harder. This is creating awareness and understanding in the medical field for the need to understand myocarditis  –  how it presents, how to look at diagnosis and how to potentially treat patients that may have myocarditis.

It was hugely exciting for us to present our first ever webinar aimed at medical personal, but still open to the  public, together  with the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine. We were fortunate to have a variety of guest speakers on the evening all of whom who are highly respected in their field. We also had the privilege of hearing from a patient’s perspective and we hope that we will continue to be afforded the opportunity to continue educating and helping those on the NHS front lines in recognising and treating myocarditis.