What a ride, what a team!

We were most fortunate to be chosen by the Annual Hotel Conference (AHC)  to be their charity for this year’s charity bike ride. The cycle ride for charity, now known as the Neil Bowler Hotel Bike Ride, in memory of Neil who sadly passed from sudden cardiac arrest on day one of the charity bike ride in 2018. The AHC and the team of cyclist who undertake this challenge have raised over £40,000 for deserving charities and we are so honoured be one of them.

This challenge, from London to Manchester, is a journey of 360km and over 4600m of climbing in just 2 days and pushes the cyclists to their limits – what a crazy thing to do! And yet, it’s an amazing display of friendship, determination and teamwork.

I would like to make a huge heartfelt thank you to some of the people who made this ride possible namely: Joe StatherAlexi Huntley KhajaviJonathan Langston and Donna Preston with the team at Questex Hospitality & Travel who believe in this ride and the power of bringing people together and also Nina Gold for being an Ace Coordinator during the event. We couldn’t have done it without the help of Saar Sharon Andy Jansons and Jon Critchley who were the support team on the way up and of course, to the cyclists for undertaking this epic challenge to help raise awareness and support for myocarditis research in the UK.

To everyone who donated, we raised an incredible amount which will go towards furthering our heart stem cell research and the role of genetics in myocarditis.