There is a Tibetan saying: ” From Great tragedy, comes Great Strength” and this has been embodied by the sprit of Andy, Pam, Tom, Derek and Amanda Wilsher.

When our charity started in in 2013, the aim was simple:  to make a difference. To help others so that no one has to suffer as the Jansons family did without information and to find answers so that no one else has to suffer being in the dark with a condition that no one understands – in-fact, at the time, no one had even heard of Myocarditis. From that small and humble beginning, our charity has grown. We  have taken on challenges and met stumbling blocks with sheer determination not to crumble but to get up and keep going.

As the years passed, that simple aim of Making a Difference led to three main aims of creating awareness both for and about myocarditis, to get better and faster diagnosis to save lives and prevention with ultimately, a cure one day.

We don’t have a cure.

We have research teams that span the globe looking at myocarditis in a variety of aspects pulling it apart (metaphorically speaking) to understand the how, why, what and then what of myocarditis. Our research has been used to influence at government level and our latest research has made waves across the world and been distributed among cardiologists, research centres,  researchers and clinicians alike from East to West. We have supported patients across the UK in finding answers, provided emotional support for  those with myocarditis and from those who have had it so that they don’t feel alone and vulnerable.

Andy pledged to raise over and above £80k per year to fund research into myocarditis with the hope of being able to hit £1 Million pounds in 10 years. Well, with the loyal support of our many followers, it was with immense pride, emotion, joy and honour that we were able to announce at our Christmas ball that we had indeed achieved that £1 Million pound target – in 9 years!

The steps to making the next million have already been taken and we hope to see you on that journey with us!