On 19 September we had the pleasure of attending the Royal Holloway University Freshers Fair and for some of us it was the first time back to school in a loooooong time!

A super day enjoying the energy and atmosphere of the freshers fair and a successful day too, as we told students all about the exciting opportunities that could be had with us over the next year, as well as seeing how many people just want to get involved and support our events.

We were also fortunate to be approached by a student with a parent who has recently been diagnosed with myocarditis ,so we were able to give them information, answer questions and generally make them feel more comforted. I have all ready been contacted by the parent who was thrilled to know that we were out there spreading awareness amongst young people so it’s true say that I feel totally empowered after visiting the freshers fair.

There was a touching moment when we were approached by a former student of John Hampden Grammar School, who recognised Alexander’s picture, who was in year 7 when Alexander passed but remembers the assemblies and hearing Andy speak. Knowing that the charity has been making an impact from the beginning was an exhilarating feeling and a reminder that everything we do leaves an imprint for the better.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings!