The recent COVID 19 pandemic has undoubtedly made its mark on history but has also served to highlight ongoing factors that will need to be investigated for years to come. Amongst these are the lasting effects on the body and on the heart. There have been a number of studies that show that COVID can, and sometimes does, cause myocarditis however, it is not a definitive side effect of COVID but the number of athletes being affected after having COVID is drawing attention to the silent way in which myocarditis targets healthy, fit young people.

Alexander Jansons Myocarditis has, over the past 7 years, been paving the way for dedicated research into myocarditis in all its forms and we recently shared our story on ITV. Raising awareness for myocarditis is a key aim of the charity as there are still too many people who have never heard of it until it is potentially too late. By increasing our presence we hope to reach as many people as possible so that we can provide the information that they may need as well as to pioneer the research that will help save lives.