It’s a beautiful winters day – the kind you only get in the Northern hemisphere (if you’ve never experienced a Southern Hemisphere winter just take my word for it) and, as is in keeping with this time of year, I am winding things down, wrapping up etc with my tea and Christmas music playing in the background…


When “Do they know it’s Christmas” starts playing. Now, it may not be a favourite of mine, but actually, some of the lyrics are quite thought provoking.


Myocarditis can be devasting if left undiagnosed and this Christmas, there will be many people remembering, mourning, and missing loved ones whilst still going through the motions of the festive season. Many people are living with debilitating symptoms of myocarditis trying to be up-beat when they are exhausted, masking their physical pain with smiles for the sake of their loved ones and pretending to be care-free when their minds are churning with questions that have been left un-answered by cardiologist and GP’s a like, wondering if this Christmas will see them summoning an ambulance if their symptoms suddenly worsen.


To all these people: We see you. We understand that living with myocarditis is never easy but definitely  a bit harder over the festive season. If I may offer one (slightly twee but DEFINITELY true) bit of advice – The magic of Christmas is actually just being with those you love and cherish. So, if you are tired, open a packet of Doritos instead of that 4-course meal you had planned. Leave the chaos and mess to be dealt with another day when you are feeling stronger and enjoy just being with your friends and family.


We wish each and every one of you a restful and peaceful Christmas. We will be back in the new year, ready to continue to raise awareness, spread knowledge and research Tomorrows Cures Today.