“GoodBye” to restricted fundraising, “goodbye” to limited events and definitely “goodbye” to not meeting with our friends, supporters and research colleagues!

Instead, in 2022, we are saying HELLO to a year filled with forging new friendships, expanding our knowledge and above all, staying committed to achieving our aims. We have an exciting year ahead of us and cannot wait to take you on the journey alongside us.

This year, we have all ready taken steps to improve our website and, for the first time, really showcasing what we do  – what do we really mean when we say  that we “fundraise for research” and what research are we doing. Everyone will now be able to see what we have achieved in our research, where we have advanced dramatically and where the next steps will take us. Our charity has always been committed to staying current and relevant whilst having the best information out there for anyone who is looking for it, so in keeping with this, we will be launching a series of videos that answer a host of most commonly asked questions.

Our events calendar includes an Ed Sheeran experience, a month-long campaign during February as part of Heart Month, a Glitter Ball and Christmas wreath making to name just a few and will be advertised throughout the year on our website and social media …so keep following us to make sure yo don’t miss out on these wonderful events!

Whilst we are very excited and eager to embrace 2022 and all that it brings us, we are most eager for  you to be joining in alongside us and together, we will make 2022 a fantastic year!