This has been our first proper pandemic restrictions free year and the charity has embraced this freedom with enthusiasm. We did not undertake as many charity events as we would normally however, the ones we did do were successful and well received.

We know that fundraising plays an important role in who we are but there are, in-fact, many facets to our charity whilst our mission and our goals show that we are constantly striving to be the best we can in all that we do.

And what, exactly, do we do – this can be a tricky question to answer but this will make it easier:

We fund multifaceted research projects in collaboration with numerous research universities into all aspects of myocarditis.
We have made ground breaking advances in genetic research which will facilitate the first solid steps towards a cure for myocarditis.
We grow fully beating hearts, from stem cells, in laboratories which allow us to test genetic marker combinations to test specific drug and treatment pathways.
We support over 800 people with and /or those caring for someone with myocarditis with their mental health (research has shown the toll that a myocarditis diagnosis can take on a person) by providing a space for them to discuss their feelings, frustrations and fears with people who understand.
We comfort those who need someone to talk to after loss of a loved one or who just need some reassurance.
We bring, and keep, myocarditis in the minds of the general public so that we can empower more people to understand possible symptoms, the questions to ask thereby potentially saving lives.
We stay up to date with the latest information on our website so the most accurate information is easy to access for all who need it.

We have been supported by skydives,rowing, and clay pigeon shooting.  Numerous marathons have been run in our name, there have been cycling challenges, sponsored dog walking, football, dinner with Ed Sheeren (aka Jack Shepherd) and Christmas Wreath making to name but a few. There have been many highlights like being shortlisted for the Charity Times Small Charity of theYear  Award  and having one of the most prestigious research papers of the past 5 years published with input and funding from us.

We are indeed a Small But Mighty Team and together we can look forward to a great 2023!